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PADI Open Water Diver

        Welcome to our AWESOME Underwater World!!

This is where it all begins!!  This course is designed to introduce you to all the necessary knowledge, skills and training to provide you and your buddy the ability to dive safely and with confidence.  The PADI Open Water program is the most comprehensive in the industry.  You will find it covers everything...including, but not limited to buoyancy of the most important skills you can learn.  It will affect you, those around you and let's not forget the environment in general.  Upon close investigation of other beginning training courses you will not find buoyancy control in their skill set.   That is just one example of why PADI courses are the standard...not the shortcut! 

We are proud to offer our Open Water Diver Course to you for $280.00 with your basic gear purchase.  Basic gear includes mask, snorkel, fins and boots  If you choose not to purchase your gear from us, that's okay but the course cost will be $380.  That's right we're giving you a $100 credit for buying the basic gear you need anyway.

 Price Includes:

1. PADI Open Water Diver Manual

2. DVD usage

3. RDP-Repetitive Dive Tables

4. PADI Diver Training Log Book

5. DAN and PADI brochures

6. All classroom and pool training

7. Use of rental gear for pool sessions and checkout dives

8. 4 Open Water checkout dives

9. PADI Open Water or Jr. Open Water Certification Card 

10. Free 6 month subscription to Dive Training Magazine.  

11. Graduation Gift

12. 60 day extension of your 15% student discount beginning with cert date


 The most experienced staff at the most reasonable prices... because you are important to us and we value your business!


Price does not include:

Mask, snorkel, fins and boots.  

A must have for every new diver, we have a full line of gear for you to choose from.  This equipment is all about fit so we will take the time to get it right for you.  Once you complete your selection we will offer you a 15% discount on all your purchases.  As a bonus we'll throw in a deluxe mesh gear bag absolutely free with purchase of a complete set.

If you have this equipment or are borrowing it...we reserve the right to inspect it and make sure it is okay for your training.   Please bring this gear with you when you sign up for your class and pick up your books.  There is a difference between "Scuba quality" and "Snorkel quality" and we want to make sure you have the correct gear for the best experience possible.

One of our most asked questions is how much will this gear cost me?   It varies and depends solely on what you select...but in general you are looking at a range of $145 to $195 for top quality gear with most purchases falling somewhere in the middle. We are proud to offer you Sherwood, Genesis, Akona, Henderson, Deep See and Cressi-Sub products...some of the industries most respected and reliable manufacturers.

Summing it all up:

All other equipment (BCD, regulator, tanks, wetsuits, weights) is provided for you in the pool sessions and your check out dives.  Also, we cover all airfills for your training if renting our gear.  

 Entry fees to the quarry where your training is completed, is not covered.  Those fees are collected before your checkout weekend and they are $15 per person/per day. This is a discounted entry fee since you are a student of ours.  Regular entry fees are $20 per day.  

So add it up....our competitors claim they have great pricing....we beg to differ.  Compare and contrast our offer with any of our competitors.  We provide quality training with the most experienced staff for the most reasonable price... because at Blue's all about you! 




   Following the Open Water Diver course, PADIís Advanced Open Water (AOW) Diver course is the next step in the PADI series of diver education courses. The AOW course continues building your dive knowledge, experience, and skills with the safety and presence of an instructor. In the Advanced Open Water course you will complete 5 dives. These five dives consist of dive 1 (the introductory dive) from one of the various PADI specialty areas (i.e. deep, wreck, night, etc.). There are two core dives that you must complete (deep and navigation), while the remaining three dives are your choice of specialties.

The dives you complete during your AOW class may also be credited for that specialty diver certification if you later choose to complete that specialty course. For example, you will complete dive one from the Underwater Navigation course as one of your AOW dives. The Underwater Navigation certification takes three dives to complete. If you choose to later complete the Underwater Navigation specialty then you would only need to complete the next two dives. The dive you do for your AOW course counts as one of the three.

What you will do:

When you enroll in class you will receive the Adventures in Diving manual. It has a chapter for each of the PADI specialty classes. You will read the chapter for each of the dives you do (Deep, Navigation, and the three you select) and answer the questions at the end of each chapter. You will then meet with your instructor who will go over the material for each dive and answer any questions you may have. Once you have completed the knowledge development sections you will do the five dives with your instructor and learn the underwater skill necessary to complete each dive.

Prerequisites:† Open Water Diver Certification, instructor permission.

Class Duration:† 5 dives over two days.

Costs and Fees

The AOW Diver class fee is $200.00. This fee covers the Adventures in Diving manual (which is also good for all of the specialty diver certification classes), 5 knowledge development sessions (usually done at the dive site), 5 check-out dives, and the certification card. If you use Blue Meridian dive gear the student cost is $35/weekend plus airfills.

*Depending on the specialty dives chosen there could be incidental gear needs (i.e. if you choose Night Diver you would need underwater lights, etc).

A $100 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is due when you enroll. The remainder of the balance is due the first day of class.

Entrance fees to the quarry are currently $15 per diver/per day as a student.

Keep in mind that all dives completed in the Advanced class can be used to satisfy the requirements for any related specialty certifications you are interested in!  Check out the specialty page for more information!



PADI Rescue Diver



 In this 2 day course, divers are instructed on self-rescue and rescue of others, basic emergency skills,  search & recovery techniques. Starting with the basics, we build your skills and your confidence over the 2 day course to the point of leaving a simulated "rescue" in your hands and those of your fellow students.  This is a turning point for most divers.  You turn the corner from relying on someone else to fix the problem, to possibly being the one expected to fix the problem.  Most excellent continuing education course offered by PADI and Blue Meridian.  Excellent course for all Divers. 


Cost: $200.00  Includes Manual and training

Gear rental, if needed, $35.00


This is one of the best classes you will ever take.  Do not miss the opportunity to build your confidence and perfect your skills!  Like a challenge?  This class is for you!



Specialties coming soon!!