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27th—Little Cayman Trip Departs

                **Advanced & Specialties available

29th—Happy Memorial Day!

30th & 31st —Store Closed (Tues & Wed)





3rd & 4th—Advanced Open Water Course ***Full

10th—Cozumel Trip Departs

10th & 11th—Open Water Class/Pool ***Full

11th—Grenada Pre-departure party 4:30p-6p

17th & 18th—Open Water Checkouts

18th—Happy Father’s Day

20th— Store Closed

24th & 25th—Open Water Class/Pool ***Full





1st & 2nd —Open Water Checkouts

1st & 2nd —Advanced Open Water Course

1st & 2nd —Specialty certification weekend

4th —Happy 4th of July!

4th & 5th—Store Closed

8th & 9th—Open Water Class/Pool

8th —Grenada Trip Departs

                        **Advanced & Specialties available

15th —Enriched Air Nitrox  9am

22nd & 23rd —Open Water Checkouts

22nd & 23rd—Rescue Diver

29th & 30th—Open Water Class/Pool

30th—Key Largo trip departs

                        **Advanced & Specialties available





5th & 6th —Open Water Checkouts

5th & 6th —Advanced Open Water Course

12th & 13th—Open Water Class/Pool

18th–20th —Panama City Beach Trip

                        **Advanced & Specialties available

26th & 27th —Open Water Checkouts





2nd & 3rd —Open Water Class/Pool

2nd & 3rd —Gifted Hand Fall Open House

8th—Store closing at Noon

9th —Carl H. Oliver Scuba for Charity Treasure Hunt

16th & 17th —Open Water Checkouts

16th & 17th  —Advanced Open Water Course

16th & 17th—Rescue Diver Course

22nd—Store Closed (Fri)

23rd & 24th —Open Water Class/Pool

30th & Oct 1st—Open Water Checkouts



More to come!!


We do all our Open Water training at

Mermet Springs Quarry!


We will use this symbol     ***   to show when a class is full.  We will only be able to put you on a waiting list for that class with no guarantee that a spot will open.



***We offer Discover Scuba’s at any of our regular Class/Pool session.  Please contact us to set up your appointment to Try Scuba for FREE!




We Love to Dive and It Shows!