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Blue Meridian:   We stand on the merits of our accomplishments, the honor of our professionalism and our dedication and loyalty to our customers - our friends and dive buddies!



Happy Memorial Day!


We wish everyone a wonderful holiday celebration!  Enjoy the picnics and get-togethers but please take a moment and remember the reason we celebrate this holiday.  Take a moment to say “Thank You” to all those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.  Take a moment to say “Thank You” to all who have faught for the rights and freedoms we all enjoy everyday.  We are truly the home of the free because of the brave! 

Take a moment this holiday and say “Thank You”!



2023 Travel



Pre-Departure party

Sunday June 11 4:30p-6:00p 

All of you that are going on the trip we ask you to join us for information about your upcoming adventure to this beautiful destination.  We will have refreshments and tropical music to set the mood so come join us for a bit and let’s talk about Grenada!



Open Water Diver


Is this the year you finally take the plunge and get your PADI Open Water Diver certification?  It should be! People ask all the time, “what’s it like down there?” Believe it or not, that is a hard question to answer because depending on where you are diving it might look like the reef in Finding Nemo or you could be at a flooded rock quarry and see huge paddlefish, bass or catfish. It’s all extraordinary and fascinating, so here’s a grand idea, come along with us and we’ll explore the underwater world together!

Our Open Water class/pool sessions are scheduled and you can check the Quick Calendar tab to see what is coming up. 

Goodness sake, our classes are filling up faster than ever, please be aware as we get into our warmer weather season class spots will go even faster!  Feel free to call the store for more details, if the answering machine picks up please leave your name and number and we will get back to you asap.  This class requires some pre-study work so make sure you sign-up 2-3 weeks in advance so we can get you setup and ready to become a diver.

Check the Quick Calendar tab for other class dates.  If your schedule isn’t syncing up with ours give us a call we will be more than happy to work with you!

Next available Open Water Class/Pool Sessions:

July 8th & 9th

July 29th & 30th



Advanced OW


Already an Open Water certified diver, then your next step is PADI Advanced Open Water.  Advanced picks utilizes all the skills you learned in Open Water and introduces you to 5 specialty areas of diving.  We are required to do Navigation and Deep but then you get to pick 3 areas that are of interest to you.  Maybe you are into wrecks, search and recovery or maybe night diving.  There are a lot of options for you at this point.  If you are diving in the ocean or fresh there are different dive options for each water type, some are better in salt and some are better in fresh.  There is some pre-study work for this class as well so make sure you sign up and give yourself time to get ready!

Next available Advanced Open Water Classes:

July 1st & 2nd

Aug 26th & 27th



Rescue Diver


This class is awesome!  For most divers it is a turning point and an opportunity to build your confidence.  It switches your focus to helping others and although you are going to learn new skills those skills are designed to help you, help others. 

Prep work is required for this class and it will be listed on the Quick Calendar as well when we are offering it.  Advanced Open Water is required before you can take this course.

Next available Rescue Diver Course:

July 22nd & 23rd



Quote of the Month:


“May is the most beautiful month of the year, a month alive with warm color.  The flowers and trees are in full bloom, and even the sun joins this rhapsody by emitting warmer rays!”

                                                      Lillian Berliner



Want to Discover Scuba??

We offer a free scuba tryout session called a Discover Scuba.  We can let you try scuba diving before you make the big commitment of the certification class.  We highly recommend a Discover to anyone who is not quite sure that diving is for them.  We need about 1 hour of your time, we provide all the equipment you need, there is a little bit of paperwork but best of all it’s FREE!!  So, what are you waiting for, call us and set up your appointment to try scuba diving.  We think you’ll love it as much as we do!!!




Tri-States Only PADI 5-Star Dive Center




The Name Says It All


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors


People come from all over the tri-state to dive with Blue Meridian.  Why?   Because they know our staff loves diving and it shows in everything we do, because we teach the PADI System of Diver Education and because we are professionals at every level!  Scout troops from Evansville & Owensboro, college students and law enforcement officers from Bowling Green and Tell City and families and singles from all over pick Blue Meridian for their training facility!  



Because they know Blue Meridian has the tri-states most experienced and professional instruction staff.  You are our priority!  We are here for your enjoyment, your safety and your peace of mind!  Every class we offer is an opportunity for you to get the best training the tri-state has to offer. Walk in our door as strangers and you will leave as our friends.  We are your dive buddies for life...not just while you are in one of our classes.


We value each customer that comes through our door. We understand that with the economy in a strain, you have to make important choices on where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to give you the best value for your dollar.  Please do some prices...there is a definite difference and unfortunately there is no added benefit for you paying almost double at other locations.  


We offer you the

highest quality training 

backed by the 

most reputable training agency in the world 

taught by the 

most experienced, professional staff 

at the 

most affordable prices


So come to Blue Meridian - 

        where the Tri-State and more learns to Dive!



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