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This page contains articles that were featured on our main web page that we feel are worth keeping for you to review beyond the week or two that we keep them posted.

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PADI 5-Star Facility



We are so very proud to announce our accomplishment of becoming a PADI 5-Star facility.  We are the only PADI Dive Center in the tri-state and the only PADI 5-star in Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana!!


What does a 5-Star Rating mean?

To attain the 5 star rating, a PADI Dive Center has to attain and maintain exceptional standards in the dive industry.  Areas of review include but are not limited to, customer service, instruction program, community involvement, service department, rental department, youth programs, instruction staff/credentials, store appearance, store environment-friendly staff, courteous, helpful.  PADI does not hand this title to just any dive center.  You have to want it and you have to earn it!!  And we did!!!


While attaining this wonderful achievement is a huge feather in our cap, please rest assured that Blue Meridian will continue to be a dive center of not only quality instruction, quality equipment, quality service but we will continue to provide our customers, our dive buddies, our friends with the highest level of expertise in the area in the friendly, comfortable environment you have come to expect from us.  


We love to dive and now it show's more than ever!!!

Regulator Service 



In the last few months we have received multiple regulators in for service. This is not unusual. What is unusual, and frightening, is that the owners of some of these regulators assumed that in previous years when they took them to another area dive center to be serviced, that that dive center was actually servicing them. They were certainly paying a large enough service fee that one would think that a complete overhaul of their regulator 1st stage, 2nd stage, alternate air source and gauges including battery checks for computers would be routine. Unfortunately, to their dismay and our disgust, when we opened the 1st and 2nd stages, it was painfully obvious that these regulators had not been serviced in quite some time. Yet the owners informed us that they had had the regulators serviced annually for many, many years.   Multiple tell-tale signs made the conclusion obvious that these regulators had not been serviced and even the most inexperienced service tech in the industry could have determined that at first glance.


So what does this mean for you as a diver? It means we have a dive center in the tri-state that is accepting fees for regulator service that is not occurring! After 24 years in the dive industry we've learned a few things along the way. Regulator service is something that should NOT be taken lightly. This is life support equipment that people bring in to their dive center because they trust that dive center to do their job. Please understand this is not the divers fault. Looking at these regulators from the outside you would not be able to tell if they were serviced or not. They were polished and spit-shined really pretty.


It's despicable, and under-handed, that any dive center would do this. Especially one that boasts about their experienced staff and expertise in this particular area!  The question you need to ask is, if they are cutting corners servicing life support equipment, where else do they cut corners??  If your safety in the water isn't important....then what exactly is??


To be fair, the regulators in question were older models, but still very usable and very serviceable. The only explanation is that the service tech is likely ok on current model regulators, but not on older ones. So, they polish up the outside and hand it back to the diver as if it had been serviced!! And this has happened multiple times this year!!


So, how can you protect yourself? Here are a few thoughts. It is not unreasonable to ask to see the parts that were replaced in the service process. At Blue Meridian we keep all parts for the divers to see. When the regulator is picked up we either send the old parts with the diver or, if they do not want to take them, we dispose of them. Also, ask to meet your service tech. Question their experience and ask what training they have and on what brands and styles of regulators. Don't be afraid to ask questions! This is the only weapon you have to fight this deceit!  Also, if you have a dive center that claims it can service all regulator brands, that should be a huge red flag for you.  Dive centers may be able to service multiple brand name regulators but if they are not a dealer for that brand with training from that manufacturer then they are not being truthful.  Servicing a regulator for which you are not a dealer will immediately invalidate the warranty on that regulator.  Make sure you return your regulator to a dealer for that brand for proper service and continued availability of your warranty.


This issue is about trust, honesty, and integrity and you. 


It's your life...who will you trust to keep it safe???

Sidemount Diving - It's 



We have received several questions and comments about the sidemount training we are offering and here are the answers to your questions:


Yes - it is true Blue Meridian is offering side mount classes

No - it is a lie that there is only one instructor in the tri-state qualified to teach it

Yes - it is true we are now Hollis and Dive Rite Dealers 

No - you do not have to take a second mortgage to purchase your equipment from us

Yes - it is a viable alternative for divers of any certification level

No - it is not a special diving skill reserved for cave divers

Yes - you can take the class and not even know a cave diver

No - it is a lie that this is not a certification worthy of recreational divers

Yes - it is true - it's easy and relaxing - and at Blue Meridian - it's affordable

No - it is a lie that PADI is not qualified to offer this certification

Yes - there are many RECREATIONAL dive cert agencies offering this certification

No - it is false that there is only one cave dive instructor in the world 

Yes - there are several cave instructors and the best of the best reside and teach in Florida

No - We are not trying to just take your money....that's already being done across the river

Yes - you can trust in the quality certifications and instructors teaching you at Blue Meridian 

No - we are not so arrogant to believe that we are the only ones qualified to teach everything

Yes - our competitors do believe that they are the only ones qualified to teach everything


Yes - at Blue Meridian we don't lie!

Yes - the quality instruction you have counted on for 21+ years is stronger than ever! 

Yes - it is true...all dive centers are certified!

Yes - BMDC is the only Dive Center with 100+ years of professional experience in tri-state area!

Yes - our competitors run a distant second in all levels of professionalism and training  


Come join us and experience "freedom" in diving!  

It is exhilarating, it's fun and yes it's for everyone - at least it is at BMDC!!


If you are interested in learning more about this type of diving or signing up for a class...give us a call.  We'll be glad to get you all the information you need to jump in!!! By request we will be offering more informational watch newsletter for dates and times






Can you believe it's time for the Holiday's already?  Well they will soon be here and we hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful Holiday season!!!! 

I've been in the scuba industry for more years than some of you are old....yes we did have wheels and dinosaurs way back when I started diving.  What I can tell you for a fact is that most...not all....divers in our area pack it up about this time of year and call it quits for the season.  Really??  Why??  

There are so many options available to us now that can keep you active in diving year round.  Now I admit, the time between Turkey Day and Santa Day...most people are thinking of sugar plums and not snorkel keepers...but still we have a lot of time before that and you should be diving.


Things you should know about cold weather diving:


Typically you can expect clearer water.

I am pleased to report that we had 35+ feet in the shallows for the pumpkin carving extravaganza.  That my friend is fabulous in this area and fairly typical for colder water!!


You can expect a less crowded dive site.

We've all been diving when you couldn't stir the divers in the water with a stick.  Fewer divers also raises the likelihood that the visibility will stay clearer.


You have great options for extra thermal protection with drysuits.

Drysuits are wonderful for cold water diving.  Now diving a drysuit in the middle of summer when you are only going to 30 feet and the water temperature is 85+....that diver...not Wile E. Coyote, genius...but in the winter, in the shallows or deep.....perfect choice to keep you comfortable and extend your dive time.


Drysuit out of your price range - the "super stretch" material is your answer in a wetsuit.

Every wetsuit mfg. has followed Henderson's Hyperstretch lead and they have their version of the super comfortable, easy to don 5mm and 7mm suits that are necessary for diving in cold water.  Comfort factor goes up about 200% with these suits and depending on the brand, the pricing is not outrageous.  The thicker neoprene will fill a bit "bulky" but it will do a great job in the water of helping you stay warm.


It's NOT to dangerous to dive in cold water/cold weather

Some dive shops spout the nonsense of "danger" to justify making students wait until May to do check out dives locally.  Honestly, everything can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.  There are definite precautions that you must take when diving cold.  Your dives need to be shorter with longer surface intervals between to give you time to get your core temp back to normal, especially when diving wet.  Try this trick, at the beginning of your dive, pour some moderately hot, not scalding, water into your wetsuit just before you submerge.  This hot water will mix with any cold water that creeps in and dilute its effects.  Also, place your gloves and hood in the hot water just before donning.  It will make a difference, we promise.  You should be very alert to how you are feeling during your dives.  If you start to get cold, get out and warm up before you get really uncomfortable.  Make sure you have a place to get out of the weather in between your dives.  We place large heaters in the dressing rooms at the quarry so that we can take a break and get warm and eat, laugh and have a good time on our breaks.  Drink lots of fluids!! One of the biggest mistakes people make is not drinking enough fluids: water, hot chocolate, hot soup are all excellent!  Keep yourself hydrated always!  With just a little pre-planning you can enjoy a great day of diving with your buddies.


80/80 Divers.

We haven't forgotten we know there is no way to get an 80/80 in cold water other than if they accidentally fall in.  So, 80/80's you can travel during this time of year.  Most tropical locations are offering great deals.  Again because of the Holiday's most people stay close to home...but the resorts offer very tempting carrots to get you to come visit the Caribbean for a little diving fun.


How about working on your dive certifications?

Not all certifications require you to get wet.  Equipment Specialist being one of them. Never used a drysuit...well how about a drysuit certification where you will dive with an instructor in the pool and then open water.  Don't have a drysuit?  well rent one before you make the big decision to buy one.  Underwater communications a problem - Sea Signs is for you and you only have to go to a heated pool.  Nitrox - do the classroom sessions and then we do your checkout in the spring.  How about Open Water - do the classroom and pool here and then join us in Florida for a weekend check-out adventure.  Advanced on your agenda?  We can take care of you too.


You have so many options available to you if you want to stay active in diving during the winter season.  With a little planning you can enjoy diving year don't put your gear away...keep it well hydrated...warm water or cold....they both work the same!!   : )


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