Certification Classes 


PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the leader in diver education. Most other training agencies base their course content on the principles and guidelines founded in the PADI system.  Why would they do that?  Answer: They know the PADI system works.  PADI is a leader and sometimes criticized for having to many rules. Rest assured in diving....fewer rules does not mean better.  From our perspective, in a sport where literally your life can depend on what you know and what you don't....we won't take the "easy" route...we'll stick with PADI and do it right for you!


Our staff loves diving and it shows in the way we teach.  We believe in the PADI system of training and stand behind it as the industry leader in dive training.  But the proof is in the pudding, watched a PADI diver verses a non-PADI diver....hello...buoyancy control anyone??  Just so you know...not every training agency requires training in that area!


 Join us and learn to dive the way the world learns to dive!


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Last modified: 08/27/14