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Blue Meridian:   We stand on the merits of our accomplishments, the honor of our professionalism and our dedication and loyalty to our customers - our friends and dive buddies!



Happy Memorial Day!

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!  We would like to express our thanks for the men and women who have given their life in military service to keep our country safe and free.  May we never forget their sacrifice for all of us in this land.

****   AMERICA   ****

Home of the Free - Because of the Brave


Safety Divers Needed

Saturday June 10   7-11am

It will soon be time for the Owensboro YMCA annual triathlon.  We have provided our support for this event for each year that it has been offered to the superb athletes in our area.  Each year we ask for volunteers to come out and help us ensure that all the swimmers can have the best, safest experience possible during the swim portion of the race. 

Please let us know if you are interested, we appreciate your help and in addition to the T-Shirt provided by the Triathlon, Blue Meridian will pop for your breakfast that morning.  This is all volunteer but we know your time is precious and we want you to know we appreciate you being there to help. 



Thank You!!


Sometimes your life gives you a moment of pause and you have the time to reflect on what is important and what isn’t.  So we want to take some time to reflect on the “what is important” over the next few weeks.  So first on my list was Mermet Springs, a quality quarry dedicated to customer service. Second on the list was my staff, I am truly blessed to have this team working for Blue Meridian.

Third on my list is this career.  How many people get to do everyday something that they love.  Not many.  Scuba was not my first career path, it came along later.  My original career path was a Computer programmer.  Yes….I was a nerd!  It seems so funny now to see everything that computers control and do for us each day because when I started, we had cassette tapes and pixel manipulation to impress those watching.  Yes,  we have come a long way baby!!  My final position in the computer field was as a database admin, using an Oracle database in a local mfg. company, that’s a world away from saltwater and sting rays!

All through that career, I was a weekend Scuba warrior and then a weekend Scuba Divemaster and then a weekend Scuba Instructor and I loved it more and more each day.  Life throws a curveball sometimes and we don’t always see what’s coming but my career in the computer industry quickly fell to the wayside when I had the opportunity to be a Scuba Instructor/Dive Store owner full time.  I’m in Kentucky and I get to teach scuba… all the time!! I know…’s awesome!!

I wake up everyday and wonder who will be the next person that we introduce to scuba?  Who will be the next one to receive their certification and go on to maybe do great things in this industry? Who will be the next young person to walk through the door and ask if we can help them become a marine biologist?  What an honor to be the one that gets to share the excitement, exhilaration and maybe a few butterflies the first time a new diver goes underwater and stays for 10 minutes!  30 years ago I would have laughed if you told me that I would retire as a scuba instructor.  Now I can’t imagine that I ever even considered anything else. 

Thank you for supporting Blue Meridian Dive Center all these years.  It is you,  our customers and friends that make this adventure exciting everyday.  Here’s to a long journey together, with new adventures at every turn and lasting friendships that make life worth living!!



Key Largo, Florida

Check out the travel center tab for information on our next adventure in beautiful Key Largo, Florida!  We  have spots available and we would love for you to join us!!


Discover Scuba Day

at Blue Meridian


Saturday July 8th   10:00-2:00


So you want to try Scuba?  We can help you out with that request!  We are having a special Discover Scuba day here at the store.  We will use our onsite pool to let you try scuba for the first time.  In addition, we will offer special deals on Open Water certifications for anyone that comes out to try diving, we’ll have burgers/dogs and drinks for all participants and the greatest thing….it’s all FREE!!

Call us to reserve your spot today!!

**if bad weather causes a cancelation, we will reschedule the event


Quote of the Month:

“Remember you do not need a certain number of friends,

just a number of friends you can be certain of!”                                                                                                                                Unknown



Want to Discover Scuba??

We offer a free scuba tryout session called a Discover Scuba.  We can let you try scuba diving before you make the big commitment of the certification class.  We highly recommend a Discover to anyone who is not quite sure that diving is for them.  We need about 1 hour of your time, we provide all the equipment you need, there is a little bit of paperwork but best of all it’s FREE!!  So, what are you waiting for, call us and set up your appointment to try scuba diving.  We think you’ll love it as much as we do!!!




Tri-States Only PADI 5-Star Dive Center




The Name Says It All


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors


People come from all over the tri-state to dive with Blue Meridian.  Why?   Because they know our staff loves diving and it shows in everything we do, because we teach the PADI System of Diver Education and because we are professionals at every level!  Scout troops from Evansville & Owensboro, college students and law enforcement officers from Bowling Green and Tell City and families and singles from all over pick Blue Meridian for their training facility!  



Because they know Blue Meridian has the tri-states most experienced and professional instruction staff.  You are our priority!  We are here for your enjoyment, your safety and your peace of mind!  Every class we offer is an opportunity for you to get the best training the tri-state has to offer. Walk in our door as strangers and you will leave as our friends.  We are your dive buddies for life...not just while you are in one of our classes.


We value each customer that comes through our door. We understand that with the economy in a strain, you have to make important choices on where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to give you the best value for your dollar.  Please do some prices...there is a definite difference and unfortunately there is no added benefit for you paying almost double at other locations.  


We offer you the

highest quality training 

backed by the 

most reputable training agency in the world 

taught by the 

most experienced, professional staff 

at the 

most affordable prices


So come to Blue Meridian - 

        where the Tri-State and more learns to Dive!



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