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Blue Meridian:   We stand on the merits of our accomplishments, the honor of our professionalism and our dedication and loyalty to our customers - our friends and dive buddies!



Jumping In!


It’s already February and we so appreciate all the calls for classes that we have been receiving.  We will begin our Class and Pool portions of our Open Water training, in February. We have already offered some Discover Scubas and Scuba Tune-ups but those will certainly be available at any of our regular scheduled class/pool sessions.  We expect to open our onsite pool in late April, which will give us more flexibility on scheduling the pool for Discovers and Tune-ups in addition to other training.  As for Advanced and Rescue, Specialties, etc.  We anticipate starting checkouts and other courses at Mermet Springs sometime in May.  Water temps for Open Water students are always a concern and we want to keep everyone safe and also provide them the most comfortable conditions for training that we can. 

Again thank you for all the emails, texts and calls, we hope that 2021 will be a great year for all of us and we look forward to diving with each of you soon!



Travel 2021


All our 2021 trip information can be found under the Travel Center tab.  If you prefer to have printed copies of the information you can contact the store and we can snail mail, text or email any or all of the trip information flyers to you.  If you prefer to come pick it up we have printed copies in the store a well.  Due to the uptick in Covid-19 cases we completely understand if you prefer a not in person option and we will be glad to do whatever we need to for that to be easy.  If you have any questions please contact Susie at the store 270-685-3198.


All those who were scheduled for trips in 2020 that got moved to 2021, you don’t need to do anything.  If you opted to stay on the trip your spot is still secure.  We will be in touch at some point to review any information we have concerning those trips.



Quote of the Month:


“February is the shortest month, so if you’re having a miserable month, try to schedule it for February!”

                                             Lemony Snickett



Want to Discover Scuba??

We offer a free scuba tryout session called a Discover Scuba.  We can let you try scuba diving before you make the big commitment of the certification class.  We highly recommend a Discover to anyone who is not quite sure that diving is for them.  We need about 1 hour of your time, we provide all the equipment you need, there is a little bit of paperwork but best of all it’s FREE!!  So, what are you waiting for, call us and set up your appointment to try scuba diving.  We think you’ll love it as much as we do!!!




Tri-States Only PADI 5-Star Dive Center




The Name Says It All


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors


People come from all over the tri-state to dive with Blue Meridian.  Why?   Because they know our staff loves diving and it shows in everything we do, because we teach the PADI System of Diver Education and because we are professionals at every level!  Scout troops from Evansville & Owensboro, college students and law enforcement officers from Bowling Green and Tell City and families and singles from all over pick Blue Meridian for their training facility!  



Because they know Blue Meridian has the tri-states most experienced and professional instruction staff.  You are our priority!  We are here for your enjoyment, your safety and your peace of mind!  Every class we offer is an opportunity for you to get the best training the tri-state has to offer. Walk in our door as strangers and you will leave as our friends.  We are your dive buddies for life...not just while you are in one of our classes.


We value each customer that comes through our door. We understand that with the economy in a strain, you have to make important choices on where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to give you the best value for your dollar.  Please do some prices...there is a definite difference and unfortunately there is no added benefit for you paying almost double at other locations.  


We offer you the

highest quality training 

backed by the 

most reputable training agency in the world 

taught by the 

most experienced, professional staff 

at the 

most affordable prices


So come to Blue Meridian - 

        where the Tri-State and more learns to Dive!



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