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Blue Meridian:   We stand on the merits of our accomplishments, the honor of our professionalism and our dedication and loyalty to our customers - our friends and dive buddies!




2015 Travel Party



Saturday January 31st  10-2



Join us for some food, friends, fun and exotic destinations that only dreams are made of.  We will provide information on all our selected destinations for this upcoming travel season.  


This is an open house format so you can come and go as you like.  Hang around and watch some videos or take a peek at some pictures, listen to some tropical island sounds and munch on some tasty snacks.


We are thrilled with our destinations this year and the fabulous pricing on each of the trips is amazing.  Don't miss your chance to dive in some of the most beautiful destinations diving has to offer!!


If you cannot make the party, all the information will be updated on the web pages in the travel center directly following the party.




Open Water Classes



We are implementing some changes to our Open Water Classes.  We've made it simpler and cheaper!!  


In our old policy your total cost for certification with rental for the checkouts was running $285.  Now, it's available to you for $280 with the purchase of a full set of basic gear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots).  If you choose not to purchase your basic gear from Blue Meridian, that's okay too but the course cost will be $380.  That's right, we're giving you a $100 off your class cost just for buying the gear you need anyway from us.


Another change - it's all inclusive.  No additional fees here and rental charges there.  Its a flat fee that includes everything.  Your fee includes:  All books, DVD, classroom and pool sessions with your PADI Instructors, rental gear usage for the pool and your checkouts, 4 checkout dives at the quarry, your c-card, your graduation gift and our passport to the most awesome sport in the world.  In addition, your 15% student discount will continue 60 days from the date of your certification.  So, you can take advantage of our student discount pricing well beyond your graduation. 


We DO NOT include the entry fees to the quarry as part of the new pricing so that will still be a separate charge of $15 per person per day to get into Mermet Springs.


Let's talk about your gear purchase:  All students are required to have a "scuba quality" not snorkel quality set of gear (mask, snorkel, fins and boots).  We have always and will continue to give our students a 15% discount on any purchases they make.  In addition, we have always and will continue to include a deluxe mesh gear bag with any purchase of a 4pc basic set.


We are excited about our new policy and hope you find it much simpler to understand than our previous policy.






Equipment Specialist




Saturday March 7th at 10:00am




A chill is in the air and that means it's time for our "cold weather" classes to start.


Equipment Specialist is for those people who are a little more than leery of their own gear.  Are those bubbles bad or good, does that noise mean there is a problem, is that rip in my wetsuit the end of the line for my favorite suit?  


We will answer these and many more questions you might have about the gear you use each time you dive.  Hands on experiences will help clarify and clear up questions you might have on deck.


There is no pre-requisite for this class and you will receive a c-card upon completion.  Also this PADI specialty counts toward your Master Scuba Diver rating.


Give us a call to secure your spot!





Enriched Air Nitrox




Hard to go anywhere and not have the option to dive Nitrox.  Catch is you can't use it if you aren't a certified Nitrox Diver!!  Come join us for an informative look at "Nitrox".  Find out the benefits and restrictions of using Enriched Air Nitrox.


We are offering the course on the following days:


Saturday February 7th - 10am

Saturday April 18th - 10am


You must pre-register for this class and pick up your books at least one week prior to the course date.




Public Safety Diver




TBA - May 2015



This course is designed for those divers interested in taking it one step further.  Instructor Dave Faulkenberg will provide you with information that will not only give you the skills you need to perform the duties of a Public Safety Diver, but perform those duties with the professionalism, safety and techniques that are not found in all incidents.  


There are all kinds of self-proclaimed Public Safety Diving instructors offering courses left and right today.  What you need to ask yourself and them is: Tell me about your history?  How long have you been in this field?  Are you active currently?  Did you sleep in a Holiday Inn and read the instructor outline to offer this class?  Bonus for you:  Take the class at Blue Meridian and you will get the best.  Not only does Dave currently work as a Public Safety Diver, he eats it, breaths it and has more practical experience than anyone in our area.


Great thing is, you have a choice.  You can take the class with someone that follows the outline and does the suggested scenario exercises in the instructor manual OR you can take the class from someone who experienced the scenarios first hand and wrote an instructor manual.  The choice is yours!!


This class includes:  classroom, pool and open water training.  You would need to be available Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.





Charity Donations



The following is our list of benefactors to date:


Hospice of Western Kentucky

Two Rivers Buddy Ball

Wounded Warrior Program

Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

Home Instead Senior Angel Program

Team Karlie - waiting on price for stroller

ALS Association in memory of Dr. Robert Rold

Relay for Life - Breast Cancer Awareness




Congratulations to our awesome


 students on their new PADI certs!! 




Equipment Specialist


Buffy, Shannon & Gary



Blue Meridian Students - Simply the best!! 




Quote of the Week:


Kind words are always the right kind!  





Travel 2015




Our promise to you:  


As always, we assure you the best destinations at the best prices and all you have to do is pack your bags...we'll take care of the rest!  

At Blue Meridian it's always about you!


Discover Scuba Program!


If you would be interested in trying Scuba, please email us or give us a call and we'll be glad to set that up for you.  We provide all equipment and it is a great way to "get your feet wet" before taking the big plunge into your PADI Open Water Diver certification! Plus we're going to help you with the cost of your Open Water Course if you decide to continue on!  Click on the Discover Scuba button above for more details!!  


Tri-States Only PADI 5-Star Dive Center




The Name Says It All


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors


People come from all over the tri-state to dive with Blue Meridian.  Why?   Because they know our staff loves diving and it shows in everything we do, because we teach the PADI System of Diver Education and because we are professionals at every level!  Scout troops from Evansville & Owensboro, college students and law enforcement officers from Bowling Green and Tell City and families and singles from all over pick Blue Meridian for their training facility!  



Because they know Blue Meridian has the tri-states most experienced and professional instruction staff.  You are our priority!  We are here for your enjoyment, your safety and your peace of mind!  Every class we offer is an opportunity for you to get the best training the tri-state has to offer. Walk in our door as strangers and you will leave as our friends.  We are your dive buddies for life...not just while you are in one of our classes.


We value each customer that comes through our door. We understand that with the economy in a strain, you have to make important choices on where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to give you the best value for your dollar.  Please do some homework....compare prices...there is a definite difference and unfortunately there is no added benefit for you paying almost double at other locations.  


We offer you the

highest quality training 

backed by the 

most reputable training agency in the world 

taught by the 

most experienced, professional staff 

at the 

most affordable prices


So come to Blue Meridian - 

        where the Tri-State and more learns to Dive!

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