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Blue Meridian:   We stand on the merits of our accomplishments, the honor of our professionalism and our dedication and loyalty to our customers - our friends and dive buddies!



Happy Thanksgiving!!



In all the holiday festivities, Thanksgiving seems to get lost in the shuffle sometimes.  To be honest, this is my family's favorite holiday celebration.  It is the one day, when we all come together as a family, sit down at the dinner table and share some precious time out of our busy lives. No phones ringing, no orders to fill, just a day to be together and of course eat some turkey.  Goodness knows that our Thanksgiving table will seem empty this year, but in spite of  the huge loss we feel, we know that we have an awful lot to be thankful for.


As I sit here thinking about the events of this year, thinking about things I'm thankful for, my list is long:


My dearest, closest friends, I could not have survived this year without their love, comfort and support.  They have provided a shelter from the storms of life over and over.  My words are so inadequate to thank them for all they have done and continue to do for me and my family. I'm thankful and honored to call them my friends, but they are more than that to me, they are my family.


My sister, Carla, she seems to think I'm the strong one and I would have to disagree.  It takes both of us to forge ahead, taking care of our brother Mark and the house and the businesses and all the things that life throws our way everyday.  It takes us both.  I'm thankful she is my sister.


My Mom, even though she is not here, she and Dad will always be here, in our hearts.  We are who we are today because of them.  Mom in particular was strong and determined, some see this as being hard-headed (thank goodness I didn't inherit that trait!) but she was also kind and compassionate.  I hope that both Carla and I are a good mix of all that they were.  I'm thankful and blessed that they are my parents.


My Career, I realize everyday how lucky I am to be doing what I do.  How many people in this world go to work everyday, hating their job....millions....I use to be one of them until I got the opportunity to open Blue Meridian.  Yes, it's not the first location most would choose to open a dive store...but it works for me.  I'm Kentucky born and raised and this is where I belong and I can't imagine not being where I am.  We are soooooo very blessed, we get to introduce hundreds of people each year to the thrill of their lifetime.   We change peoples lives every time we take them underwater.  I'm thankful I own a dive store in Kentucky.


My extended diving family, what a blessing.  People walk in the store day in and day out, some you never see again and others, they capture your heart and over the years this magnificent group of people forms.  They are not just customers, they are dive buddies, they are breaths of fresh air, they are friends. We are thrilled when they drop in and wonder about them when we haven't heard from them in a while.  We share in their joys and sorrows as they do ours.  We are excited when they are going diving with us and we pester them the rest of the time to try and get them in the water.  I'm thankful for all my dive buddy friends, old and new,  in my diving family.


There are so many things I could list, but I only have so much web space!  My prayer for you and your family is that no matter what has come your way this year, that you know  through the good and bad that life may bring you,  you have friends here at Blue Meridian.  May your blessings be many and may your Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays fill your heart and your house with peace and happiness.


With much love,





Please be patient with us as we redo our website.  Items that are missing will be added as soon as possible.  We appreciate your understanding.


Just a note:



Please join us as we offer our condolences to Lucian and Sheryl Lott on the passing of Sheryl's Dad on Monday Nov. 2nd.  Please keep them and their family in your prayers during this difficult time



Christmas Open House & Sale



It's almost that time of year and we are thrilled to offer you our huge Christmas savings for the entire month of December.  We will kick off the sale with our Christmas Open House on Saturday December 5th.  The Open House will offer additional discounts, coupons for certifications, snacks, music and fun as we welcome in the Christmas Season.  Every item in the store will be discounted and those discounts will be good from the 5th - 23rd.  If we don't have your size, color or whatever, we will order it for you and wait for still get the discount price on your special order.  


Watch for more details here and in the online newsletter coming soon!!



 We have a few days that we will be out of the store.  We appreciate your understanding and hope that we do not cause our customers any inconvenience.  We will also post these on face book a couple of days in advance as a reminder.



Thursday & Friday            Nov 26 & 27  Happy Turkey Day

Thursday & Friday            Dec 3 & 4

Thursday & Friday            Dec 10 & 11




Discover Scuba Program!


If you would be interested in trying Scuba, please email us or give us a call and we'll be glad to set that up for you.  We provide all equipment and it is a great way to "get your feet wet" before taking the big plunge into your PADI Open Water Diver certification! Plus we're going to help you with the cost of your Open Water Course if you decide to continue on!  Click on the Discover Scuba button above for more details!!  



Tri-States Only PADI 5-Star Dive Center




The Name Says It All


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors


People come from all over the tri-state to dive with Blue Meridian.  Why?   Because they know our staff loves diving and it shows in everything we do, because we teach the PADI System of Diver Education and because we are professionals at every level!  Scout troops from Evansville & Owensboro, college students and law enforcement officers from Bowling Green and Tell City and families and singles from all over pick Blue Meridian for their training facility!  



Because they know Blue Meridian has the tri-states most experienced and professional instruction staff.  You are our priority!  We are here for your enjoyment, your safety and your peace of mind!  Every class we offer is an opportunity for you to get the best training the tri-state has to offer. Walk in our door as strangers and you will leave as our friends.  We are your dive buddies for life...not just while you are in one of our classes.


We value each customer that comes through our door. We understand that with the economy in a strain, you have to make important choices on where you spend your hard earned money and we appreciate the opportunity to give you the best value for your dollar.  Please do some prices...there is a definite difference and unfortunately there is no added benefit for you paying almost double at other locations.  


We offer you the

highest quality training 

backed by the 

most reputable training agency in the world 

taught by the 

most experienced, professional staff 

at the 

most affordable prices


So come to Blue Meridian - 

        where the Tri-State and more learns to Dive!



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